Historical dates

In 1825 Anton Vorel established the first pharmacy in Piatra-Neamt.

On September 20, 1836 the first school in Piatra-Neamt was opened.

The first paper mill in Moldova was opened on November 8, 1841 in Piatra-Neamt.

Post office was established in 1956.

The first railroad came to Piatra Neamt on October 15, 1885.

In 1890 the first beer brewery in the city was recorded.

In 1894 a voltaic system for public illumination was introduced in the city.

On September 1, 1897 Petru Rares High School was opened in the city.

In 1898 a National Branch branch was opened in Piatra-Neamt.

On April 24, 1973 the Romanian-Italian company RIFIL SRL was opened. It was the first company with foreign investment that opened in Romania since 1945.